StoneCastle Partners' innovative investment structures and cash management solutions have made us one of America's largest investors in community banks and a recognized cash management resource for institutions. Together with our affiliates, we currently manage over $10 billion in assets and our principals have collectively provided more than $6 billion of capital to over 470 community banks in the U.S.

Widely recognized as a leader in the community banking sector, we enjoy strong affiliations with banking professionals, and regulatory and government agencies as well as direct relationships with an expanding network of more than 725 banks throughout the U.S.

From our beginnings in 2003, our firm has grown to combine extensive knowledge of financial services, strong entrepreneurial spirit and the backing of world class partners who are invested in our future.

Today, one of the world's strongest banks, CIBC, and one of the most successful private equity firms, Charlesbank Capital Partners, both have minority ownership investments in StoneCastle Partners.


StoneCastle Partners was founded on the premise that two large financial markets—institutional investors and the $2 trillion community banking industry—had little interaction with one another. Our firm was formed in 2003 to create a bridge between these two entities by identifying and creating innovative investment strategies, leveraging our deep knowledge of community banking and our broad network of industry and government relationships.

In 2007, Charlesbank Capital Partners, a highly-regarded private equity investment firm and spin-out of the former Harvard endowment private equity unit, acquired a minority interest in StoneCastle Partners. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, a prominent North American financial institution, made an equity investment in StoneCastle Partners in 2012. Each plays an active role as members of our board of directors and brings their collective resources and expertise to our organization.


With a proven reputation for insight, our Executive Team has a track record of developing innovative solutions for banks and institutional investors. Assembled leaders who have a passion for creating solutions, but bring disparate background of banking and cash management. Today, we are able to draw on this expertise to reach out as educators and thought leaders, serving community banks, federal and state regulators, investors and professional associations while delivering products and services aimed to add value to community banks and their customers.


Job creation, a critical component of a strong and healthy America, is driven by small business—and community banks are the largest lenders to these small businesses. As one of the largest investors in U.S. community banks, we are committed to a strong and healthy community banking sector. This mission means that we are accountable to a larger, broader group of stakeholders. These constituents—our customers, partners, industry and government—expect honesty, integrity and innovation in everything we do. Our company is built on these values and they drive every part of our business operation.

We are also proud to act as both a resource and partner for our clients and others by actively sharing our insights, knowledge and resources. Rather than guarding our expertise, we are enthusiastic about participating in discussions, education, forums and advisory activities. With this outreach, we are able to further support our clients by contributing to the vitality of America's community banks, which play at integral role in the larger U.S. economy.