Cash Management

StoneCastle Cash Management provides cash management solutions for investors.

FDIC insured cash

All the deposits in Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA) and Federally Insured Cash Account Term (FICA Term) are under FDIC insurance

Unlimited FDIC insurance

FICA and FICA Term help investors exceed the FDIC insurance limit

High Yield

StoneCastle Partners LLC guarantees best interest rates and high CD rates

High Rate CD

FICA Term powered by eCD market is a powerful bank CD market place where investors find best rate CD

Institutional Cash Managers

Creating opportunities —
for treasury professionals

StoneCastle provides innovative cash management solutions for treasury professionals and high net worth investors. Our clients include many of the nation's leading corporations, municipalities, public funds, foundations, endowments, hedge funds, wealth management and private equity firms.

The Federally Insured Cash Account


• High level of federal deposit insurance, next day liquidity and competitive yield

• Access to hundreds of carefully screened banks via a single account

• No term commitment and highly diversified

• AFP includes FICA in its annual Liquidity Survey

The Institutional Cash Account


• Access to highly rated, money fund eligible banks via a single account

• Daily deposit availability for same day credit with twice weekly withdrawals

• Competitive yield as compared to all money market securities



• Advisor for non-depository custodians seeking pass through federally-insured deposits for client investors

• Non-Term and guaranteed terms with minimum deposit levels through a single demand account