Cash Management

StoneCastle Cash Management provides cash management solutions for investors.

FDIC insured cash

All the deposits in Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA) and Federally Insured Cash Account Term (FICA Term) are under FDIC insurance

Unlimited FDIC insurance

FICA and FICA Term help investors exceed the FDIC insurance limit

High Yield

StoneCastle Partners LLC guarantees best interest rates and high CD rates

High Rate CD

FICA Term powered by eCD market is a powerful bank CD market place where investors find best rate CD

Community Banks

Using our expertise to serve community banks

In 2003, StoneCastle Partners was formed to help community banks obtain access to the products and services that larger banks enjoy. Today, StoneCastle and its affiliates form one of the largest investment management and advisory firms dedicated to community banking.

FICA Funding Network

Your bank can efficiently, reliably and proactively manage primary and contingency funding through the FICA Funding Network. Through a single, standard business money market account, the network provides liquidity representing hundreds of pre-screened, institutional depositors. Your bank determines the rate and funding levels that satisfy your asset/liability strategy. You can obtain flexible deposit funding with no additional work, systems integration or special processes.

Alternative Money Market Account (AMMA)

StoneCastle’s Alternative Money Market Account (AMMA), is a simple and powerful balance sheet management tool that can help reduce the size of your balance sheet while retaining your large client relationships by addressing their safety, liquidity and performance expectations. Unlike other large balance account programs, AMMA can provide multi-million dollar FDIC protection, a competitive yield and no reciprocal requirements with no fees for you or your clients.

Working with Regulators

StoneCastle works regularly with bank regulatory agencies on a pro bono basis, supporting them in their work to keep the banking industry strong and secure.

Bulk Deposit Funding

We provide long term and stable bulk deposit funding through the placement of balances sourced from benefit plan administrators. Your bank can diversify funding with limited account activity and minimal administrative support. Our clients are large administrators that require our banking experience and knowledge to help in their asset liability planning.