Cash Management

StoneCastle Cash Management provides cash management solutions for investors.

FDIC insured cash

All the deposits in Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA) and Federally Insured Cash Account Term (FICA Term) are under FDIC insurance

Unlimited FDIC insurance

FICA and FICA Term help investors exceed the FDIC insurance limit

High Yield

StoneCastle Partners LLC guarantees best interest rates and high CD rates

High Rate CD

FICA Term powered by eCD market is a powerful bank CD market place where investors find best rate CD

Institutional Investors

Creating opportunities —
for institutional investors

StoneCastle is focused on providing innovative investment strategies and services for institutional investors. StoneCastle Partners and its affiliates are considered one of the largest managers of investment funds and provider of advisory services dedicated to the U.S. community banking sector.

StoneCastle Advisors, LLC

StoneCastle Advisors, LLC, a subsidiary of StoneCastle Partners, is a SEC-registered investment advisor. Our investors include institutional investors, alternative investment managers, wealth management firms, banks and other financial institutions in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In addition to our capital, we offer ongoing support to senior management. We work closely with management to understand and monitor their institution and the local markets in which they operate. We believe in transparency and honesty and seek to partner with management teams that share our philosophy. Given our national footprint and deep industry relationships, we believe we can provide management with unique insight on a range of topics, including:

- Deposit funding strategies

- Capital planning

- Regulatory strategies

We are proud to be considered pioneers in the development of investment strategies in the community banking sector and have a long history of working with management teams of community banks to develop capital solutions to meet their needs and achieve our investment objectives.


StoneCastle Asset Management LLC, a subsidiary of StoneCastle Partners, LLC, is a SEC-registered investment advisor. StoneCastle Asset Management is the external manager of StoneCastle Financial Corp., a closed-end investment company established to serve as an investor in community banks (NASDAQ: BANX).

StoneCastle Asset Management is staffed with investment professionals from its affiliates, which collectively manage one of the largest portfolios of assets dedicated to the U.S. community banking sector.


We believe that the community banking industry exhibits many favorable attributes for the persevering and knowledgeable investor. These favorable attributes change in cycles as the banking industry evolves. We strive to achieve consistent returns for our investors by matching our available investment strategies to the current state of the banking industry. We hope to harvest the highest risk adjusted opportunities that present themselves as the market moves through its natural cycles.

Through our dedicated focus, we believe we can identify underpriced and underappreciated opportunities that other non-specialized investors frequently overlook or are not equipped to pursue. Today, StoneCastle manages approximately $2 billion of capital securities issued by more than 230 community banks in 43 states on behalf of our institutional and high net worth investors.

Our investment platform is specifically designed to invest in the highly fragmented community banking sector which enables us to develop new opportunities that few institutional investors are organized to carry out. StoneCastle Advisors leverages its extensive relationships within the U.S. banking industry, its experienced team of investment professionals, and its proprietary systems to identify and execute its community-bank focused investment strategies.

StoneCastle Advisors invests through debt and non-control equity, including preferred and common equity. We seek strong deposit franchises in competitive markets that have the potential to consistently increase earnings and grow book value. These opportunities generally have assets of $100 million to $10 billion.